William Roberts


Co-Author:  The Keys To Family Business Success

Phone:  +1 303-888-0038
Email:  view email here
Website:  www.erbenassociates.com

Bill is a Client Advisor at Erben Associates. He recently joined Erben Associates to work with his son Korbett on his own business transition plan. Bill’s skills and experience working with family business transitions fit perfectly with Erben Associates vision to be known as the best in the nation in providing advice and guidance for privately held business owners, family businesses and farm and ranch families. Bill practices a values-based planning process with his clients, and uses a clearly stated set of principles and values from each client that then drives the planning process to a successful conclusion. He works to achieve tangible results in a cost-effective manner.

Bill is a member of the Aspen Family Business Group. They are a premier international resource for families in business and have more than a century of combined years of experience helping families. With his fellow members, Bill co-authored the book, “The Keys to Family Business Success.” The book lays out a series of problems unique to family businesses with examples of real situations faced by most family businesses. It explores practical solutions that families can use to ensure their family business can continue and be successful generation after generation.

In 2012, Bill became a Certified Advisor with the Institute for Preparing Heirs at Pepperdine University. The Institute was founded for the purpose of training, education and research on family dynamics and wealth transfer. Bill’s completion of the certification process demonstrates his commitment to the in-depth preparation of heirs for the receipt and management of assets in a manner to foster their development and lifetime goals. Not only does Bill prepare assets for heirs, he takes care to prepare heirs for assets.

Bill graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in mathematics and a minor in physics. After graduating from college, Bill entered the Air Force. He flew 130 missions over North and South Vietnam in the F-4 Phantom. He was credited with downing a MIG-17 over North Vietnam and the aircraft he flew is mounted at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia as part of a display of USAF combat aircraft. He has pursued his professional education by completing his CLU® and ChFC® studies.

Bill and his wife Joy share time between their homes in Scottsdale, Arizona and Castle Pines, Colorado. They have two sons and Bill and Joy love spending time with their seven grandchildren. One son is a minister in the United Kingdom and the other is a producer at Erben Associates.

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