Shared Vision: An Interview With William Roberts


For our third post in the series on ‘The New Normal,’ we interview William Roberts who gets personal and discusses some of his own family experiences. Aspen associate, Donnel Nunes, PhD asks some thought provoking questions of AFBG partner, Bill Roberts including about his thoughts on how a family vision can be strategic and provide grounding in our current times.

Enjoy the video interview and if you have any comments about this series post, please leave us a comment on our YouTube channel.

In addition to the video interview, we recommend you check out William Roberts’ post ‘A Shared Vision: A Powerful Family Business Planning Strategy‘ from earlier this year that expands on the very same topics.

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william roberts
About the Author

Bill is a partner with Aspen Family Business Group. For over 35 years, Bill has devoted his career to the service of others in the area of wealth transition planning.    ( view bio )

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