Effective leadership in family business requires thought and action. Leadership is both born into the family, and it is also nurtured.

Aspen Group Partners and Associates are experienced in leadership development. We bring our experience to the realities of your family business. Leadership development includes coaching and mentoring.

The family aspect of your business influences your leadership choices. That is, lines of family authority and established patterns of communication shape who is leading what aspects of your business. This has pluses and minuses. It sometimes reflects wise business choices and sometimes it creates friction points or stumbling blocks.

We will work with you to draw out your actual leadership structure as it is now. We will help you assess how that structure is currently meeting your business’s leadership needs. This map of current leadership becomes the basis for leadership development that will take your family business forward.

We know that each member of your family has their strengths and their place. Our objectivity and sensitivity enables the creation of a family business leadership structure that matches your values, your vision and your business needs.

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