Health, Wealth & Families

Health, Wealth & Families Book Cover


PRINT (Paperback):  $29.00

AUTHOR: Leslie Dashew

In this book, Health, Wealth and Families, Ms. Dashew provides excellent understanding of the dilemmas faced by affluent families and guidance on how to raise children who are healthy and well adjusted.

“Health, Wealth and Families” is a wonderful new book by Leslie Dashew, author of “The Best of the Human Side” and co-author of “Working With Family Businesses, A Guide for Professionals”. In this book Ms. Dashew provides excellent understanding of the dilemmas faced by affluent families and guidance on how to raise children who are healthy and well adjusted.

Many families of wealth worry that their children or grandchildren will be spoiled, waste their assets, be taken advantage of by gold-diggers and/or become lazy, addicted or destructive. “Health, Wealth and Families” gives the reader perspective on the challenges faced by these families and a framework for understanding how to help children grow up emotionally healthy and with the skills to manage their assets effectively.

The author goes on to share how families can conduct family meetings, discuss values and dreams and learn to steward shared assets in a productive fashion.

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