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With deep sadness, we share the news that our friend and colleague Bill Roberts died suddenly on April 7th, 2021.

William Roberts
William Roberts (February 2013)

We have just lost a great human being.  It came suddenly, though Bill Roberts was prepared.  Bill was an expert on so many important things related to family business; and, he was our guy on emergency planning.  Bill learned to place the family part, the emotional realities, front and center in his work with clients.  Of Bill it was often said, “Not only does Bill prepare assets for heirs, he takes care to prepare heirs for assets.”  Accidents happen all the time and their consequences rattle the soul.  We’re in shock but Bill prepared us enough that paths forward are already discernible.  

Just this last month, The Aspen Family Business Group gave its first online Consilience for family business consultants.  Bill put enormous effort into the presentation.  He wrote multiple drafts and as the day to present came close, Bill was fretting about how on that date he was to be on the road and was not sure he would have good internet for our Zoom.  Bill changed his schedule and flew back to his office where he knew he had good internet.  Then, after the presentation, Bill sent a note to our group asking how he did.  He did beautifully.  One of the attendees wrote, “Bill has a way of speaking that can reach any room.”   

We’re counting on that now.  His voice will continue to reach us.  We’re committed to that; we will hold Bill’s space in our hearts, in our meetings, in our work life and in our own family life.  

Thank you Bill for your generous spirit. Thank you for your clarity of thought.  Thank you, Bill, for your love of family.  Love centered you, your family and even us, your colleagues.  

Values, vision and the skills to achieve a worthy goal, you had these in full measure.  Most of all, Bill, you loved and were loved and that made you matter very much to each of us.  

We miss you, Bill.  Godspeed, friend.  

Aspen Family Business Group  
Partners: Leslie Dashew & Joe Paul 
Associates: Burak Kocer, Jonathan Magidovitch, Donnel Nunes, & Shelley Taylor