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August 11-13, 2017

Consilience IIPrivate Workshop for Advisors to Families in Business

Scottsdale, Arizona

To learn leading edge tools and concepts in an intimate setting with pioneering experts, Joe PaulLeslie Dashew, and Bill Roberts, of The Aspen Family Business Group.

For more information about the event and to download the brochure, click here. 

The Aspen Family Business Group, LLC, an international consulting resource, helps families successfully navigate change to achieve harmony and prosperity.

We are a consortium of thought leaders and experts in the family business field with decades of local and international experience. Our expertise lies in our understanding of the complex dynamics of families who share businesses and other assets. Through our ability to foster a shared vision and build trust in the family, we guide our clients through a process of addressing challenges and building sustainability. We combine a professional approach to multigenerational planning with attention to the delicate issues that arise in families of wealth and families in business. We provide safe environments and tools for families and their advisors to assure effectiveness in succession planning and other transitions.


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